Curiouser and Curiouser (An 'Alice' Murder Mystery)

murder mystery party game
8-14 Guests (including Host)
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E - Everyone
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There's been a murder at the Mad Hatter's tea party! Who would have wanted to kill the Knave of Hearts? "Curiouser and Curiouser" is your chance to step into the pages (or through the looking-glass) of Lewis Carrol's most famous works, play one of these beloved characters from the 'Alice' books ...


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murder mystery party

Alice likes to be in charge, but has a habit of pretending to know more than she does. She has a habit of leaping before she looks. THIS ROLE WOULD BE A GOOD CHOICE FOR THE HOST TO PLAY.

White Rabbit

murder mystery party

Although always in a hurry, the White Rabbit is confident about his abilities.


murder mystery party

The Caterpillar likes to give advice, but is rather self-conscious about his size.


murder mystery party

The Duchess loves playing croquet and dreams of winning the Tournament of Hearts.

Cheshire Cat

murder mystery party

Known for his smile, the Cheshire Cat is an excellent listener - when his ears appear! His abilities to appear in strange places means he has seen many things.

King of Hearts

murder mystery party

Married to the Queen of Hearts, the King prefers to spend his days in the peace and quiet of his counting house.

Queen of Hearts

murder mystery party

The Queen of Hearts likes to be the one in charge. She hates to lose.

Mad Hatter

murder mystery party

He loves to tell riddles. He can be rather rude. THIS ROLE WOULD BE A GOOD ONE FOR THE HOST TO PLAY.

Red Queen

murder mystery party

The Red Queen is rather bossy and likes to have things her own way.

Tweedle Dum

murder mystery party

Tweedle Dum is a mirror image of his brother - and very close you might say.

Tweedle Dee

murder mystery party

Tweedle Dee is very close to his brother - a mirror image you might say.

White Queen

murder mystery party

The White Queen is quiet and easily confused. She tends to forget things.

Knave of Hearts

murder mystery party

The Knave of Hearts served the Queen of Hearts. He carried her crown at ceremonies, and has stolen her tarts in the past.


murder mystery party

The Cook works is very fond of pepper.

March Hare

murder mystery party

The March Hare is quick and quiet. He knows who his friends are. He might be mad. He might not.

Game Reviews

  • We had so much fun thank you! We didn't manage to work out an order for the clues for round 1 and 2 but it just added to the wonderland confusion. Really great fun it was a group of 14 16 year olds and we really got in to it, make sure everyone really gets in to dressing up and we did decorations with a giant pack of cards, Alice in wonderland quotes and flowers. We hid all the clues and then the table was arranged with loads of cakes and tea party food and of course TEA! we played the all change hatter game every so often and had such a laugh. Making the table look nice and tea partyish (loads of food) really adds to the atmosphere. I'd recommended for girls from 10 up definitely, it doesn't even matter if they haven't read the books at all.

    Harriet F. - Great Britain
  • This game was great. The detail put into the clues was hard to follow at some points but if you have all the mandatory characters it will start to come together (unfortunately for me one person never showed up!!). I loved how it was very much based of the personalities of the characters, it wasn't to far stretched from what would actually go on in wonderland. I would recommend this game to anyone and every age!

    cj w. - Calgary, Alberta