The Case of the Stolen Menorah: an Enlightening Hanukkah Mystery

murder mystery party game
6 - 36+ guests, great for families
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$ 34.95
E - Everyone
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A letter arrives from a long lost great uncle who happens to be an archaeologist. In his letter, he discloses that he has discovered a scroll that mentions the menorah from the second temple. According to the scroll, after the first miracle of oil, the menorah would always stay lit; it actually wa...


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Local Scout Troop

murder mystery party

This spunky group of kids just happened to be out delivering fundraising orders to their customers. Their enthusiastic selling efforts landed them the coveted “Super Seller” patch. They’re very proud of that.

Curators for Shlepley’s I Can't Believe It! Museum

murder mystery party

These guys are kind of creepy, but that’s why they love their job. They are responsible for the maintenance of the museum, and for finding new exhibits. They have suddenly started promoting a new exhibit that’s never been seen before.

Brotherhood (and Sisterhood!) of the Eternal Flame

murder mystery party

Ages ago, a band of friends swore together to protect the secret of the temple menorah. Unfortunately, they lost it. But, they reasonably assumed that at least the menorah was safe. “No news is good news.” Now, they have heard that Great Uncle Schlomo claims to know where it is. If the menorah ...

Hosts of “Legend Busters” TV show

murder mystery party

‘Legend Busters’ is a cable TV show that investigates the validity of legends, like the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot. The hosts are gregarious and fun loving, and always looking for new legends to disprove on their show.

Norrington’s, the Nosy Next-door Neighbors

murder mystery party

These sweet but ditzy neighbors happened to be in the house when the menorah was stolen. Actually, they stop by often to borrow things, usually without asking.

“Think Tank” Scientists

murder mystery party

This group of scientists started a company called “Think Tank: Fill ‘Er Up With New Ideas.” They’re head-in-the-cloud dreamers, but usually fuzzy on the down-to-earth applications of their ideas. Most recently, they have been brainstorming ideas for new sources of energy.

Volunteers from the Helping Hands Homeless Shelter

murder mystery party

These conscientious volunteers are out in the neighborhood soliciting donations for the shelter during the time of the robbery. They’re happy to accept any donation, but they are in greater need of blankets, and financial help with the heating and electricity bill.

Pizza Delivery Dudes

murder mystery party

Dude, these dudes are way off course. They are trying to deliver a pizza, but instead of an address, all they have is a piece of paper with weird letters. It’s not getting them anywhere. The night the menorah is stolen, they stopped by to ask for directions.

“Making Scents” Aromatherapy Store Owners

murder mystery party

These people have always wanted to own a store, but it’s a lot harder than they thought. It looks like they’ll have to really work to build up a clientele. On the night that the menorah was stolen, they were in the neighborhood passing out flyers to their store.

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