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The following characters are available for this murder mystery game. As in all of our murder mystery games, you can create your own characters for your party, but you will need to create murder mystery clues for those characters.


Murder Mystery Game Characters
murder mystery games   Apache (Can be played by a Male or Female)
With this Indian, the white man sure isn't going to win. Part of Internal Security.

Raised on the reservation, Apache has a grudge against the white man's government and tends to take jobs that will hurt the government. An expert archer, Apache's favorite method of murder is a bow and arrow. Apache has also been known to scalp a victim.
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murder mystery games   Black Knight (Can be played by a Male or Female)
Treasurer, elected after the last Treasurer was caught embezzling.

As a kid Black Knight was into D&D, tales of the Knights of the Round Table, but always thought being bad was more fun than being good. Black Knight enjoys staging jousts and other contests; often these events turn deadly. Black Knight is skilled with sword, lance, & bow. Black Knight was elected Treasurer of Killers International, when the last Treasurer was caught embezzling.
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murder mystery games   Black Widow
Marries and kills. Chairman of the Sunshine Committee.

Black Widow has had five husbands, although never a first anniversary. Likes handsome, rich men and frequent honeymoons in the Carribean. Favorite method of murder is poison, and has done extensive research on non-traceable poisons. Just like the Black Widow spider, she usually kills them in bed after sex. She and Mata Hari are having a contest to see who can kill the most lovers. She is the chair of the Sunshine Committee, visiting members that are incarcerated.
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murder mystery games   Chef (Can be played by a Male or Female)
Egotistical chef who can whip up killer creations. Member of the Program Committee.

A recent Initiate, Chef must survive probation. Chef studied cooking at the most elite cooking schools. Tends to be bossy and egotistical as only a great chef can. Favorite method of murder food literally to die for. Dreams of preparing the most delicious banquet, a feast whose desert is a rich chocolate delicacy laced with arsenic.
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murder mystery games   Clown (Can be played by a Male or Female)
This clown is nothing to laugh at.

Everyone loves a clown. People automatically assume a clown is safe. They relax, let down their guard. But this Clown can be downright deadly. Favorite weapon is a harmless-looking toy gun, which shoots poison darts. Enjoys making people laugh and then scream.
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murder mystery games   Cobra
A member on Probation, now suspected of murder.

Deadly as the name, quick to strike. A former gang member who left the gang for something more lucrative. New member to Killers International. Just made the first kill, but there is some doubt who actually made the kill.
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murder mystery games   Cowgirl
A gunfighter for hire and member of the Sunshine Committee.

A former rodeo queen, Cowgirl can ride, rope, and shoot with the best of them. Cowgirl always thought of herself as one of the white hats, but when the big boys wouldn't let her play, she decided to join the other side. Now Cowgirl is a gunfighter for hire, who tries to live by the Code of the Old West.
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murder mystery games   Dr. Death (Can be played by a Male or Female)
Once a Doctor, got caught stealing body parts to sell. Industrial Espionage.

Dr. Death got caught stealing bodies out of the morgue to sell for spare parts, so got kicked out of the medical profession. Found that murder for hire can be just as lucrative as being a doctor. Favorite method of murder is something that doesn't damage body parts, such as an air bubble in a syringe.
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murder mystery games   Ghost
Formerly a spook, now a ghost. Chair of Covert Ops.

Once a spook for the CIA, Ghost quit because he didn't like all the bureaucracy. Now he works outside of the law, choosing his own assignments. He jokes about once being a spook, now is a ghost. Ghost prides himself at being as quiet and elusive as a ghost. No one sees or hears him until it's too late. Ghost has been the Chair of Covert Operations of Killers International for two years.
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murder mystery games   Grandma Death
After the kids left, decided contract killing might be fun. Member of Grievance Committee.

After the children were grown, Grandma Death needed a hobby and contract killing seemed interesting. Making connections with someone from the old neighborhood, Grandma Death got her first job. No one seems to suspect a sweet looking old lady. She has just made her 25th kill. Favorite methods of murder include poison tea like Arsenic and Old Lace, hat pin, knitting needles. Grandma Death oversees those members still on probation.
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murder mystery games   Mad Bomber (Can be played by a Male or Female)
Sargent at Arms in charge of seeing nothing gets out of hand.

As a child Mad Bomber was given a chemistry set and soon was making nitro in the bathtub. When Mad Bomber's parents objected, Mad Bomber planted a car bomb. Later Mad Bomber was adopted by a family in Brooklyn and made contact with the Mob. Tends to go overboard with explosives and one day will probably be killed in an explosion.
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murder mystery games   Mata Hari
A Femme Fatale. Industrial Espionage.

French. A femme fatale. Men find her irresistible. Mata Hari is an industrial spy, seducing men into revealing their secrets and then killing them to cover her tracks. A favorite method of murder is a long hat pin shoved into the brain while in a passionate embrace.
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murder mystery games   Nurse Ratchet (Can be played by a Male or Female)
Chairman of the Grievance Committee.

Nurse Ratchet worked in a mental hospital until caught helping the poor unfortunates end their pain and suffering. Now works mostly in private practice for wealthy patients with impatient relatives. Nurse Ratchet's favorite method of murder a drug overdose or smothering with a pillow.
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murder mystery games   Poison Pen (Can be played by a Male or Female)
Recording Secretary. Top Gun's loyal ally.

A blackmailer since 7th grade, now a nosy gossip columnist. Currently blackmailing a judge, mayor, state senator, and a basketball star. Favorite method of murder is to mix poison with the glue on the victim's postage stamps or envelopes. Poison Pen is the recording secretary of Killers International and Top Gun's most trusted ally. Alternate role for host.
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murder mystery games   Preacher (Deceased)
The victim, a deceased evangelical minister.

THIS IS FOR INFORMATION ONLY. NO GUEST PLAYS THIS CHARACTER. An evangelical preacher who likes to hold revivals. To supplement his income, the Preacher would convince the elderly to leave him bequests and then killed them, usually smothering them with a pillow as they sleep. Very concern about the moral fiber of those in Killers International, the Preacher believes it is his duty to constantly involving himself in the affairs of members. He likes to refer to himself as the conscience of Killers International. Certainly he has been called a nosy busy body, manipulative, and self-righteous, but he is doing the Lord's work and when you do the Lord's work, a man needs not to be afraid to get a little dirty.
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murder mystery games   Pyrotechnics (Can be played by a Male or Female)
Loves all kinds of fireworks. Chair of the Bang committee.

Pyrotechnics was raised in a family that produced firework shows and still uses the family connections to cover political assassinations. Pyrotechnics uses a long range rifle to kill the target while they are watching the fireworks displays, but dreams of the ultimate assassination killing the President with a shooting star rocket. Pyrotechnics is the Chair of what is called the Bang Committee. Pyrotechnics and Mad Bomber have a long standing rivalry.
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murder mystery games   Top Gun (Recommended as Host) (Can be played by a Male or Female)
Chairman of the Board of Killers International.

Following a family tradition, Top Gun's first kill was at the age of eleven and now has more than 100 kills, most with a 450 Magnum, just like Dirty Harry. Top Gun is Chairman of the Board of Killers International, an organization of international assassins and will be chairing the annual meeting. Top Gun's most trusted ally is Poison Pen. Good role for the host.
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