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The following characters are available for this murder mystery game. As in all of our murder mystery games, you can create your own characters for your party, but you will need to create murder mystery clues for those characters.


Murder Mystery Game Characters
murder mystery games   Allegra Summer
Computer Engineer

Allegra was raised by a hippie Mom who traveled all over the country following different rock bands, and was educated by libraries and rock stars. She was awarded a scholarship to Yale where she graduated with highest honors in computer science. She is a computer engineer at Atari, a company that J.R. owns the majority of stock. Willy Idol was an old friend of her Mom's and has helped her in the search for her Father. J.R. first met Allegra at Atari and has arranged this party to introduce her and her new business for which J.R. is thinking about providing financial backing.
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murder mystery games   Biff Bushneil
Model Wealth Yuppie

A model “Yuppie” of the 80s. Sometimes exhibits at parties as a “closet break dancer.” As a young man from a wealthy family, he was given the opportunity to be placed on the Board of Directors’ of the Golden Savings and Loan Association Bank. Bushneil has been indicted for arranging “insider” loans with his influence at the S & L. His trial comes up in two months. His wife, Molly, is going through an emotional crisis due to problems and is threatening to leave him. He is also on the Board of one of J.R.'s companies; a position in which is in jeoparty due to his legal problems.
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murder mystery games   Chris Karate (Can be played by a Male or Female)
Karate Expert

Chris is a karate expert and pretty much a loser in life. Chris sought out karate to make up for all his personal inadequacies. Chris has, however, accomplished another art in perfecting the game of Nintendo, and has won many championship events and competes with friend, Vanity Schuetz. Due to the huge lack of confidence, Chris tends to put down others at parties and public events. Conversely, Chris is extremely sensitive to criticism, and is always looking behind for attackers. Be on guard for a sudden karate chop!
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murder mystery games   J.R. Duwing (Recommended as Host)
Texas Billionaire

As Texas rancher, oilman and investor, J.R. provided the financing for marketing the Rubik's Cube in America, resulting into a multi-million dollar venture. J.R is a bachlor and has taken Melinda Vaness under his wing and into his bed. He loves Melinda, but is more enamored with her beauty and social appearance. He is known to be a ruthless business giant and he will stomp on anyone that gets in his way of achieving his goal. He is highly respected for his money and what he has achieved. No one crosses him! Contrary to many of his Texas friends, he is a strong Democrat and gives large financial support to his beloved political party.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Jane Fondamy
Former Movie Star

Jane is former movie star and. over the years, has experienced the life of three marriages. Since her second divorce she has made megabucks on her exercise videos. At parties, Jane is often spotted in her yoga poses. She has undergone liposuction surgery and has tried desperately to keep it secret to protect her professional image. Jane has been a longtime friend of J.R. and been an admirer of his accomplishments. Melinda is very jealous of Jane and her friendship with J.R.
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murder mystery games   LaDonna
Pop Rock Star

LaDonna is a temperamental, high maintenance pop rock star. Her recently acquired title “Queen of Pop” has been dubbed as a result of her selling millions of albums. LaDonna has been known, by her intiminate friends, to carry on various sexual relationships with a wide variety of people. She is a flamboyant mockery of the Church...She always wears a large cross necklace and sexually suggestive clothes. She is very outspoken, and loves to shock people. She is very self-assured and doesn't care what people think of her.
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murder mystery games   Max Gibson
Hollywood Screen Star

Max is a well known Hollywood actor. He comes across as a “macho dude.” He is hot in every way. Girls melt in his presence. He had a relatively long affair (3 years) with Melinda, until she left him for reasons never divulged. He has been drinking heavily and has been carousing with many different women to try to erase the memory of Melinda. Melinda's disregard for him is driving him crazy. This past week, he was so upset that he exposed her nude photos to the Enquirer.
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murder mystery games   Melinda Vaness (Recommended as Host)
Former Miss America

Melinda is a former Miss America beauty queen. She met J.R three years ago at a party and was invited to his ranch where she fell for him and accepted an invite to live with him. J.R. refuses to discuss any plans of marriage. She carries on constant “frivolous” conversations at social affairs and is well-versed on current events that particularly involve celebrities. Her friend, Chris Karate, who has given her martial arts lessons, has also taught her how to play and master the Rubik's Cube’s solution. Since then everyone is after her to tell the secret. For years, Melinda has been a strong supporter and follower of Rev. Jerry Flawless.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Molly Holiday
Valley Girl

Molly is known as the “Valley Girl” of the 80s. She was a child actress who gave up the theater for society and shopping when she married Biff Bushneil. She is a shopaholic who spends lots of time and money at the malls. She enjoys small private parties where the gossip is juicy…She passes it on and makes it juicier. Molly is known by her friends, not as a liar but one that certainly can streach the truth. She constantly makes up and exaggerates stories. She will, on occasion, spike a guest’s drink to see if she can get them to open up with a story she can embellish. She is very embarrassed over Biff’s potential criminal accusations and wants out of their marriage. Max is her crush at the moment!
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murder mystery games   Rev. Jerry Flawless
Minister & Spritual Advisor

A powerful and spiritual advisor and a righteous “Moral Majority” leader. His Right Wing leadership was instrumental in electing the new President to the White House. As a result, he moves in very powerful circles. Rev. Flawless’s “War on Drugs” incited a large amount of animosity in the targeted entertainment world. He is a long time friend of Melinda and one of her favorite party guests because of his ability to stir up controversy. Currently married, he is having a secret love affair with someone that would surprise all.
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murder mystery games   Rosanna Danner (Can be played by a Male or Female)
Famous TV Talk Show Host

Rosanna is a famous T.V. broadcaster and interviewer with NBC. She is reknown for her interviews with big celebrities in Hollywood. She is a flaming liberal with outspoken political views, who pokes comedy at right wing politicians. It took her many years to get to this position. Today, everyone wants to be on Rosanna’s T.V. show. She has an extremely long waiting list of choice people. However, she is very picky and prefers to choose people whom she can poke fun and ridicule. She has interviewed Rev. Flawless several times and because their beliefs are at opposite ends of the spectrum, she enjoys the antagonistic repartee between the two.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Vanity Schuetz
Popular Photographer

A popular photographer for a well known stylish magazine. When not engrossed in her profession she is competing in Nintendo games with Chris Karate. Vanity can be found at most all celebrity and high society events snapping away, even intruding on personal and private moments. Although her intrusions are accepted, and she continues to be invited to all the top events, some people have found much dismay in her actions.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Will Catchu
High Powered Private Investigator

Formerly a contract "hit man" for the big Las Vegas casino owners. Will now owns a high powered private investigator and detective service. He is often hired by big name entertainers to follow their spouses and sometimes knock off an adversary. He is good at what he does, and considered by many, the best in the industry. His presence at the party seems odd to most of the guests. Other than being hired by some of their friends at times, they find him somewhat out of his element. During the party he is quiet and normally sitting by himself and observing.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Willy Idol
Punk Rock Star

Willy is a popular punk rock star, who is self-absorbed and makes certain that all conversations revolve around him and his personality. His personal characteristics of shrugging his shoulders and blinking his eyes are best known by his peers. He can often be found strumming his guitar and humming new tunes.
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