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The following characters are available for this murder mystery game. As in all of our murder mystery games, you can create your own characters for your party, but you will need to create murder mystery clues for those characters.


Murder Mystery Game Characters
murder mystery games   Bea Whare
Wife of Loren Buffitt

Bea is a very demonstrative woman, whose negative attitude and lack of self-confidence is a result of the constant verbal abuse that her husband bestows upon her. She cannot carry on a conversation without getting into an argument that always ends with a warning of some sort. When she is in her quiet mode, she is so somber that making direct eye contact with her seems cruel. Only Fr. Nick and her dear friend, Dottie Parton, have access to her innermost secrets!
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murder mystery games   Bonja
Bartender / Entertainer

Bonja used to work on the docks in the daytime and bartended at night. Jamie heard him singing on the docks one day, and joined him in a song. They became fast friends and now Bonja bartends and sings with Jamie in the “Parrot Cage.” Bonja has a tainted past and appreciates Jamie for giving him the opportunity to achieve a respectable future. Like everyone else, Bonja is really intrigued with the sensuality and beauty of Wanda.
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murder mystery games   Dottie Pardon
Singer & Entertainer

Dottie is a friendly and petite southern belle with a bodacious eye-popping figure. She has a great sense of humor regarding her feminine charms. She often teams up with Jamie for a rockin’ good concert. Though she totally distrusts Loren Buffitt, she grew up with Bea Ware and they have been close friends ever since. Currently, she is dating Pete Roast.
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murder mystery games   Fr. Nick O'Tyme
Spiritual Advisor

Fr. Nick is a spiritual advisor and has been a friend of the family for a long time. In Church, he’s everyone’s confidant and many secrets are locked in his care. Outside of Church, he’s everyone’s friend. Fr. Nick is a great dancer who loves to party and drink. When he imbibes too much, he is known for his sloppy wet kisses!
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murder mystery games   Jamie Buffitt
Singer and Song Writer

Jamie is a talented and easy-going singer and songwriter, whose concerts entertain people all over the world. His calm and cool lifestyle is enhanced by drugs, as he pursues his love of music, baseball and women. Besides his musical career, Jamie owns beach property with his brother, Loren, and the “Parrot Pen,” a new restaurant which has just opened. Twenty years ago, his marriage to Wanda Rinn, lasted only two years and produced their son, Will. Sharon Weed has been Jamie’s companion for the last ten years.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Linda Constat
Multi-talented Entertainer

Linda and Jamie became friends on tour a long time ago. She comforted him after Wanda disappeared. During that period, she fell in love with his darling baby, Will, became his godmother, and they have maintained that special attachment ever since. Singing many genres of music, this talented lady attracts everyone, wherever she goes. She has a great sense of humor and will burst into song whenever she feels the urge. She often even sings her thoughts!
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Loren Buffitt (Victim)
Financier / Victim

Loren is a very smart and successful investment counselor and financier. He is egotistical, arrogant and aggressive in every aspect of his life. While money brought him recognition and fame, women brought him nothing but heartache and pain. Always very poised and proper, and a bit of a sweet talker to women, very few people really like him, but no one will admit to that!
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Miguel
Boatman / Restaurant Manager

Miguel is “the beach god, with a great bod” and long sun-streaked hair. He is much sought after, not only for his good-looking appearance, but also for his moonlight cruises and fishing excursions. However, his boat is impounded due to the fact that drugs were found in it. Miguel is now managing the “Parrot Cage” for his good friend, Jamie Buffitt, until he can resume his activities with his boat.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Otto Gettmor
Booking Agent

Otto is very popular in the entertainment world and very successful in procuring lucrative gigs for his clients. Although he thinks of himself as hip and cool, he is a bit on the sleazy side. He is money hungry, aggressive and extremely “creative” when it comes to his business deals, but no one questions his tactics. Otto’s compulsive gambling is his big downfall, which tends to really complicate his life. This guy is nervously hyper and always ill at ease!
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murder mystery games   Pete Roast
Professional Baseball Player

Pete is an obstinate, gutsy guy who likes to take chances, which accounts for the great baseball player that he is. A bit of an egotist with a hot temper, sometimes he flies off the handle in a violent fit of rage, but not everybody knows this. He and Jamie have been close friends since childhood.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Sharon Weed
Jamie's Companion

Sharon is a native islander, who has a great sense of humor, which is a little on the bawdy side, and a fabulous laugh to go along with it. She has been living with Jamie for the last ten years. When questioned about her high spirits, she claims it could be the result of a prescription she takes to keep up with Jamie. She is opinionated and lets everyone know where she stands. Sharon is constantly battling with Bea Whare over one thing or another.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Sheila Blige
Housekeeper / Waitress

Sheila is a darling Irish lass with a constant smile on her face and a happy-go-lucky demeanor. She has been a housekeeper for Jamie and Sharon and is now a waitress in the “Parrot Cage”. Will Buffitt is crazy about her, but to the dismay of most everyone, she has been having a relationship with Loren Buffitt for a little extra cash. Fr. Nick told her to cease her sinful behavior. All Sheila wants is to make everyone happy!
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Sonny Day (Can be played by a Male or Female)
Hippie Artist

Sonny is a hippie who likes to hang out with Miguel. Definitely eccentric, he/she dances to a different beat and is a free-spirit who does whatever he/she feels like regardless of what others think! Miguel’s moonlight cruises provide a perfect opportunity to promote peace and love. Sonny is an artist who sells his/her colorful artwork in the town square. Usually in a daze, Sonny is always complimenting people on things they may or may not have done.
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murder mystery games   Wanda Rinn
Gypsy Rover

Wanda Rinn was Jamie’s wife, who has been described as the kind of pretty that ties your tongue in knots. Men are all obsessed with this beautiful gypsy-like woman, who left her husband and newborn child and ran off with a former lover. This union also was short lived. However, throughout the years, she and Jamie have maintained a friendship for their son, Will’s sake. Wanda returned for the grand opening of Jamie’s new spot, the “Parrot Cage,” and has taken a liking to Bonja!
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murder mystery games   Will Buffitt
Son of Jamie and Wanda

Will is Jamie's son and an apprentice with Uncle Loren learning the basics of the financial business, since he is not gifted with his father’s musical talent. Most people are not aware that he is slightly unstable mentally. Will has an overwhelming obsession with feet, especially women's. Sheila is awesomely cool and allows him to massage her feet. Because of his obsession, he tends to stare at everyone's feet and wring his hands together to keep from touching them. Will is in love with Sheila, and extremely curious about his mother.
Murder Mystery  

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