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The following characters are available for this murder mystery game. As in all of our murder mystery games, you can create your own characters for your party, but you will need to create murder mystery clues for those characters.


Murder Mystery Game Characters
murder mystery games   AIMEE HART
Movie Actress

Aimee is a very gifted and internationally famous film star. Her demanding schedule and rapid rise to stardom led to the demise of her marriage to Chock Olatte. This love union, 20 years ago, produced a beautiful little daughter, Liza, whom they both adore. Aimee is a classic beauty, both inside and out, and has been loved by many people over the years. Regardless of her fame and fortune, Aimee always treats everyone like her best friend!
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murder mystery games   ANDY DRANKITT

Andy is a semi-retired journalist, who is well known for his international political news stories. He met Rosie Valentine when they were in journalism school together and they were married happily for 12 years. Then Andy’s best friend was killed on an assignment that Andy had talked him into, and Andy has never forgiven himself since. To cope with his guilt, Andy has crawled inside his Scotch bottle, lost his wife and battles his demons from there.
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murder mystery games   CHOCK OLATTE
Owner of “Sweets Emporium”

Chock is the owner of a phenomenal candy enterprise, "Sweets Emporium", which has made him a very wealthy man. He is a man who marches to his own tune, wearing outlandish outfits, whistling and humming whenever, and generously indulging whomever he chooses. He has a sort of Pied Piper charisma which attracts all! Years ago, Chock was married to Aimee Hart and they have a daughter Liza, whom Chock adores. Chock'S latest love interest is Kitty.
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murder mystery games   DOUG HISGRAIVE (Victim)
Mail Carrier

Doug is a good-looking and friendly mailman who goes out of his way for everyone on his route. He is very familiar with everyone, and while he is well-liked, he occasionally has an altercation here and there. He has been dating Liza Olatte in hopes of improving his social status.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   HANK EPANK

Hank is a notorious womanizer who inherited a hunk of money and no responsibilities when his father passed away. Although he has tried several different occupations, such as golf, acting and surfing, nothing seemed to fit. Over the years, Hank has made some big mistakes, but he never seems to get in trouble. He has a bit of a stuttering problem but is still a confident and witty sweet-talker, who will do anything to save his bum!
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   HUGH HADAWAY
Movie Producer and Director

Hugh is an arrogant, demanding, and successful movie producer and director, who just purchased the movie rights for Rosie’s new novel, “Heartbreak to Heaven.” Few people like him, although no one would admit to that. Currently, he is having an affair with Lacey Pantease, who is an aspiring young actress.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   IVANA KISSENTELL

Ivana is Rosie’s literary secretary and confident. While she is intelligent, quiet and a wee bit shy in public, she is a closet “Disco Queen” in private. She is also an amateur photographer, so her camera is always in tow. Ivana is desperately seeking a romantic relationship, which is not just a figment of her imagination!
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   KITTY GALLOOR
Exotic Dancer

Kitty is Rosie’s sister and the black sheep of the family. She is a free spirit who does whatever she feels like, regardless of what other people think. Her sister, Rosie, considers her exotic dancing an unacceptable occupation and disapproves of her erratic behavior. This only entices Kitty to go a bit overboard every chance she gets! Definitely eccentric, Kitty dances to a different beat than almost anyone! Kitty is having an affair with Chock.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   LACEY PANTEASE
Aspiring Actress

Lacey is a southern belle with bodacious curves, whose ultimate goal is to be a movie actress. Although she is not the brightest star in the universe, she does know how to use her figure and southern accent to get ahead in the world. She is dating Hugh Hadaway in hopes of starring in his next picture.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   LIZA OLATTE
Daughter of Chock and Aimee

Liza, who is the daughter of two of the nicest people in the world, is anything but nice! She is spoiled and snotty and will deceive anyone to get what she wants. Because she is jealous of the publicity and attention both her mother and father get, she tells whopping big lies promoting her non-existing achievements. Only her parents are hood-winked by her! Liza has been dating, Doug Hisgraive, just to irritate her parents and show her independence.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   MAXWELL DUNN
Movie Actor

Max is a famous and very handsome movie star who is totally self-absorbed. He is so egotistical that he carries around a mirror to check himself out! Because his talent is so admired, Max thinks everybody loves him. He cannot carry on a conversation unless it’s about him. The world revolves around Max!
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   MELODY MASTERS
Singer and Musician

Melody is an awesome master at bringing peace and harmony wherever she goes. She has a great sense of humor and will burst into song whenever she feels the urge. She often sings her thoughts! Music and laughter are forever present in this young lady. She has just started dating Andy Drankitt. Perhaps she can help Andy recapture his life.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   PLAYER SCORES
Soccer Star

Player is a professional soccer star of international fame. He’s a macho dude with a great physique and a not so great intelligence. But he is totally cool, very social and always surrounded by women. Player has a slight nervous tic in one eye, which makes him wink a lot…a very endearing characteristic to his female fans!
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murder mystery games   ROSIE VALENTINE (Recommended as Host)

Rosie is a famous author of romantic novels, who has invited a few guest to a celebration for her latest book, “Heartbreak to Heaven,” which has just been selected for a motion picture. She is ambitious, attractive, talented and well spoken. Although her marriage to Andy Drankitt failed, they are still very good friends. The only thorn in Rosie’s side is her sister, Kitty.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   SKETCH BOOKMAN (Can be played by a Male or Female)
Artist / Illustrator

Sketch is an emotional and temperamental artist, who has been providing the covers of Rosie’s books. While Sketch does have a sharp wit, he/she has an even sharper tongue! Unbeknownst to most, Sketch is very much prone to violent and destructive mood swings, which happen without any warning!
Murder Mystery  

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