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The following characters are available for this murder mystery game. As in all of our murder mystery games, you can create your own characters for your party, but you will need to create murder mystery clues for those characters.


Murder Mystery Game Characters
murder mystery games   Alex Arbredevie (Can be played by a Male or Female)
The Tolerant Tree-Lover?

Forest caretaker Alex prefers to talk to plants rather than humans. The locals think Alex is slightly deranged, but they tolerate him as he does a very good job caring for the plants and trees on the islands off of Cannes.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Bailey Justice
The Loose-Lipped Lawyer?

Family Solicitor and amateur local historian, Bailey is a bit of a know-it-all and an outright bore.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Claire Voyante
The Meddling Medium?

Claire is Frank McGovern's cousin...from his mother's side, or so he thought. She'd been living at Villa Sans-Souci for over a year. She's a deeply spiritual person; she consults her tarot cards and crystal ball regularly.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Father Plausible
The Penitent Priest?

Anxious and highly strung, Father Plausible was trying to sell the Franciscan monastery’s outer buildings and grounds in order to keep the aging and dwindling population of monks going.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Frank McGovern
The Ex-Egocentric Entrepreneur?

The victim, English entrepreneur Frank McGovern, was a gifted business man, best known, however, for his philanthropic spirit.
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murder mystery games   Henri Debaucher
The Charming Chauffeur?

Mrs. McGovern’s charming Corsican chauffeur, Henri, was hired just last year. He drives Camille to all her various social functions on the French Riviera. It's a full-time job. Sometimes he even works all night long...she's a demanding employer, Mrs. McGovern. He does his best to please.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Imma Immobilier
The Reliable Real Estate Agent?

Real estate agent Imma prides herself on being an independent and international woman. She speaks five languages and boasts the best sales record in the area. Imma has been buying and selling properties for Frank McGovern for years.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Inspector Flic
The Dim-Witted Detective?

Flic has been waiting years to reach the level of Assistant Commissioner to the Commissioner of the Commissariat of Cannes. Pity he's not the sharpest of knives in the drawer...he needs all the help he can get.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Linda Mackintosh
The Seductive Secretary?

Scottish born and bred, and fiercely proud of it, Linda Mackintosh has been Mr. McGovern's secretary for the past five years. This blonde bombshell suffers from terrible allergies and refuses to wear her glasses as she thinks they ruin her good looks.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Madame Epreuve
The Forgetful Forensics Expert?

Sexy forensic scientist, Emeline Epreuve went to Polytechnique, the highest level of education in France, and it shows. Peering over the tops of her highly fashionable eyeglasses, she can pin you down like a formaldehyded frog.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Mademoiselle Menage
The Menacing Maid?

French maid and pastry chef, Mademoiselle Mathilde has worked for Mr. McGovern for many years. Everyone knows she was completely dependent on Mr. McGovern. With him gone, she will be extremely needy indeed.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Mrs. McGovern
The Weeping Widow?

French socialite Camille McGovern wouldn't be caught dead in last year's fashion. She is blonde, smokes and drinks too much, and loves shopping in Cannes. Above all, she adores her little Yorkie, Chou-Chou.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Old Jacques
The Rational Restaurateur?

Restaurant owner Old Jacques talks loudly, smokes too much and thinks himself quite the ladies' man. He hears everything that goes on in the island's only restaurant "Le Hareng Rouge" (The Red Herring).
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Pierre LeTraget
The Fortune-Hungry Ferryman?

A former captain in the navy, Pierre now runs a ferryboat from Cannes to St. Hilaire. While rough in his appearance, he's been trying to improve himself by attending pottery classes in Antibes.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Sister Marguerita
The Naughty Nun?

An Italian nun, Sister Marguerita walks with a cane, wears bottle-lens thick eyeglasses, and works at the monastery as a nurse. Slightly scatterbrained, she's pleased to be the main witness in this case.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Taylor Trim (Can be played by a Male or Female)
The Troublesome Trainer?

Taylor has been working for the McGoverns as their fitness instructor for the past year. Taylor is an athlete, regularly competing in triathlons and other races held on the French Riviera. The fitness trainer has a new dvd coming out soon.
Murder Mystery  

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