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The following characters are available for this murder mystery game. As in all of our murder mystery games, you can create your own characters for your party, but you will need to create murder mystery clues for those characters.


Murder Mystery Game Characters
murder mystery games   Bertha Bilgewater
The Serving Wench

Bertha works at the "Three Horseshoes," Port Bourbon's notorious tavern and inn. No visit to the island would be complete without a can of flip served up by the beautiful barmaid herself. She's been in the company of pirates for so long she talks like one. She carries a beer mug or rum jug with her.
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murder mystery games   Captain Jack Ketch
The Victim

Jack was a salty old sea dog who was as quick with his tongue as with a sword. He and the crew of the "Revenge" stopped regularly in Port Bourbon to relax between their adventures. This time the Captain hadn't planned on staying long...
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murder mystery games   Diego Doubloon
The Spanish Privateer

Diego lives a luxurious life on his vast estate just outside of town. He offers the pirates of the Indian Ocean a safe haven, supplying their ships in exchange for stolen booty, some of which he presents to his King in Spain, most of which he keeps for himself. He carries a large sack of gold coins with him.
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murder mystery games   Even Keel (Can be played by a Male or Female)
The Powder Monkey

This young orphan has worked on most of the ships which have called Port Bourbon home and enjoys listening in on everything the sailors have to say.
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murder mystery games   Habaka Da'bora (Can be played by a Male or Female)
The Witch Doctor

The mysterious shaman was often seen in Captain Ketch's company. For a small price Habaka will contact "the other side," and speak to the dearly and not so dearly departed...Habaka uses bones and other objects to read the future.
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murder mystery games   Ima O'Pare
The Governess

Ima is a straight-laced young lass who is raising the Governor's children by the book. Outwardly, she's as cold as ice, inside, she's a hopeless romantic who cares for nothing but reading. When not watching the children, she can be found with her nose in a book.
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murder mystery games   Lieutenant Lee Shore
The Naval Officer

Newly appointed Surveyor-General, Mr. Lee Shore, is determined to rid the British colonies in the Indian Ocean of corruption and piracy once and for all. He is never seen out of uniform and his sword remains sheathed in its scabbard by his side.
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murder mystery games   Lord Hiram Cheape
The Governor

Lord Governor Cheape is a fop. He spends more time getting dressed in the morning than governing Port Bourbon. He adores parties and wouldn't dream of missing his morning ride. He carries a riding crop with him which he taps on his knee when nervous.
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murder mystery games   Mrs. Hornswoggle
The Landlady

After her late husband, Henry Hornswoggle, passed away, Harriette carried on running the "The Three Horseshoes." She likes the company of free men, pirates and merchants alike, but she carries a rolling pin with her at all times, just in case. She puts on airs and tries to sound like a lady...
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murder mystery games   Sukey 'Sugar' Sayles
The Farmer's Daughter

When her father passed away, Miss Sayles took over the family business. Don't let her sweet appearance fool you; she runs her sugar plantation with an iron fist. She carries a parasol with her to protect her porcelain complexion from the harsh mid-day sun.
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murder mystery games   Yves Eaux
The Corsair

Yves was the Quartermaster on Jack's ship, but has acquired enough of a fortune to settle down and start a new life. Pity his bad eye and bum leg keep him from lookin' respectable. He walks with the aid of a crutch.
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