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The following characters are available for this murder mystery game. As in all of our murder mystery games, you can create your own characters for your party, but you will need to create murder mystery clues for those characters.


Murder Mystery Game Characters
murder mystery games   Barbara (Can be played by a Male or Female)
The Bearded Lady

Since plunging big feet first into puberty, Barbara has had a beard. Not just some stubble, mind, but a full-fledged beard. Barbara joined the circus only a few months ago, and has never been happier as part of The Sideshow. There's nothing like finally being able to accept your bearded self. Barbara is slightly deaf and leans in often to catch what everyone is saying.
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murder mystery games   Bob
The Side-Show Barker

No one understands why Reginald hired Bob this season as the "Outside Talker," the one to entice the crowds into buying tickets for "The Psycho Circus" Sideshow acts. He gets so nervous speaking before a crowd, he can hardly get through a sentence...
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Claire Voyante
The Fortune Teller

Dare to enter Madame Voyante's junk-filled Sideshow wagon and you'll discover she's the real thing. A gypsy. Fortune telling isn't her only talent. For a small price, she can make contact with "the other side," and speak to your dearly and not so dearly departed. She was not surprised to learn Reginald had been eaten by a lion; she'd seen "Death" in her Tarot cards...
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murder mystery games   Harriette
The Horse Woman

Harriette is Reginald the Ringmaster's wife. A spirited horsewoman and show-girl, she agreed to marry the domineering ringmaster only a few months ago. As quick as a whip, she is, however, obsessed with order and tidiness. She is an obsessive-compulsive, constantly tidying herself up and everything and everyone around her.
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murder mystery games   Ima Target
The Knife Target

Ima Target, Ivan A. Target's wife and assistant, is far from being as sharp as the knives her husband throws at her. Bombshell beautiful, she handles everything in her own stride--very, very slowly.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Ivan A. Target
The Knife Thrower

Ivan is the act all the women flocking to the circus have come to see. He's handsome, daring, speaks with an exotic foreign accent and is so very, very married to Ima Target, his assistant.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Leo
The Lion Tamer

Leo has been a fixture of "The Psycho Circus" for many years. His fans adore him for the way he calms the savage beasts and quickens the audience's hearts with the sounds and scents of the jungle in the circus's center ring. His best act is the lion act. With a crack of the whip, the lions perform amazing stunts before the audience's very eyes, meowing and purring like kittens.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Mack M. Laffe
The Clown

Mack is the one who gets the kick in the pants, the pie in the face and the chair pulled out from under him in every show. He's a clown. Loved by fans for his jokes and his juggling skills, he's been with "The Psycho Circus" in the center ring of the Big Top for years. But behind the painted smile, Mack is actually a very sad and serious man.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Reginald
The Ring Master

Reginald the Ringmaster was the boss of the "The Psycho Circus." He was cruel and obsessed with controlling everything and everyone around him. Pity he didn't have much control over the lion who ate him...
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Samson
The Strong Man

Samson is a gentle giant. Just because he's strong, everyone thinks he is either dangerous or dumb. He is neither. He is a well-read, well-balanced man who just happens to be extremely strong. He performs in the Sideshow tent. He's been with the show since it's opening years ago.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Serpentine
The Snake Charmer

Serpentine is a spiritual person. She speaks to snakes. And they speak back to her. She has never once been bitten in all the years she's been handling snakes. "It's a gift," she says, inherited from her mother, and her mother before her. She speaks softly, hypnotically. She's been displaying her gift in "The Psycho Circus" Sideshow tent for a few years.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Tommy Twist
The Contortionist

Tommy is the quintessential gentleman. He is one of the favorite of the sideshow acts and comes out personally before each show to meet the crowd, looking everyone over very carefully. Everyone, including his wife Tuppence, adores him for his polite manners and natural style. But there is something sinister in his all-too-perfect breeding...
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Tuppence Twist
Trapeze Artist

Tuppence flies through the air with the greatest of ease. She's well known for her high-flying, high-wire acts and really draws in the crowds to "The Psycho Circus" Big Top. She's utterly fearless. She's married to Tommy Twist, the celebrated contortionist.
Murder Mystery  

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