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The following characters are available for this murder mystery game. As in all of our murder mystery games, you can create your own characters for your party, but you will need to create murder mystery clues for those characters.


Murder Mystery Game Characters
murder mystery games   Ah Si Now (Can be played by a Male or Female)
Fortune Teller

Ah Si Now is a regular visitor to Madame Wong's Tea House. Pompous and arrogant, he enjoys the sound of his own voice, quoting Confucius whenever possible. He spends his time writing out fortunes and signs for special occasions with his favorite bamboo brush.
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murder mystery games   Boo Kim

Boo Kim owns a book store next door to Madame Wong's Tea House. He is often found in her company enjoying a leisurely game of Mahjong, smoking his long pipe and drinking endless cups of tea poured by the tea house owner's lovely daughter, Lie-Low. He considers himself to have a way with the ladies and he will never be parted from his long-stemmed pipe.
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murder mystery games   Chin Lo

Chin Lo knows everything about everyone in town. He has a way about him that encourages his customers to talk. Perhaps it has something to do with his straight razor; Chin Lo gives the closest shaves in Hong Kong. With Madame Wong's approval, he has been running his roadside business just outside Madame Wong's "Garden of Good Fortune Tea House" for years.
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murder mystery games   Chou Chyou (Recommended as Host)
Kitchen Helper

Chou is responsible for steaming and preparing the dim-sum Madame Wong makes available to her guests while they sip their tea. She opens the garden gate for the delivery Boy, Wan Ting, but as mere Kitchen Helper, she has no contact with the customers whom she can only spy through the kitchen serving window. She is lazy, eats and complains all the time.
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murder mystery games   Dong Wong
Madame Wong's Son

Dong Wong, a Hong Kong Business Man, is Madame Wong's only son. Priding himself on his British education, he is a snob. He likes to pronounce his name in the Western way, family name last. He has walked with a limp since his childhood and therefore is never without his wooden cane. He likes having others wait on him hand and foot.
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murder mystery games   Inspector Shun Sin

A proud member of the Hong Kong Colonial Police Force, Shun Sin considers himself very much a modern man. However, he is Chinese and he has great respect for the old traditions and is a regular visitor to Madame Wong's Tea House. He too was drinking tea when Madame Wong was murdered. He carries his notebook and favorite fountain pen with him everywhere he goes.
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murder mystery games   Lie-Low
Adopted Daughter

Madame Wong's adopted daughter, Lie-Low, entertains guests at the Tea House with her poetry recitations and gracious pouring of the tea. She is exceedingly vain and proud as Madame Wong spoiled her terribly. When not in the company of her mother's customers, she prefers to wander the garden under the shade of her favorite parasol.
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murder mystery games   Madame Hu Woo

Madame Hu Woo is Madame Wong's oldest and closest friend. As the local Matchmaker, she knows everyone and makes it her business to know everyone's business. She and Madame Wong are more often than not found whiling away the time together playing Mahjong, gossiping and drinking tea at the Tea House. Slightly deaf, her long ear trumpet is a permanent fixture.
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murder mystery games   Madame Sung-Lo

Madame Sung-Lo entertains the customers of Madame Wong's Tea House. While a skilled musician, she is exceedingly scatterbrained. She plays Mahjong with Madame Wong, Bookseller and Matchmaker and is so devoted to Madame Wong, she hardly ever leaves her side. She keeps her bamboo flute with her at all times.
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murder mystery games   Madame Wong
The Victim (does not attend...)

A wealthy widow, Madame Wong runs the local Tea House with an iron fist. Everyone respects and fears her. Her Tea House, "The Garden of Good Fortune" is the most popular in town
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murder mystery games   Sai Chee

Sai Chee is the local photographer. Well, he's the only person in town who owns a camera. While he talks like a professional, taking his "art" very seriously, he's really only an amateur. He is a regular visitor to Madame Wong's Tea House.
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murder mystery games   Soo Yu

Soo Yu has been working at the Tea House ever since she was a little girl. She was sold to Madame Wang when she was seven years old. She is clever and attentive, listening carefully to everything everyone says.
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murder mystery games   Wan Ting (Recommended as Host)
Dim Sum Delivery Boy

Wan Ting makes regular dim sum deliveries to the Tea House and has been seen sneaking around to the garden entrance to spy on the "Garden of Good Fortune Tea House" guests. While he delivers the best dim-sum in town, he is sweet, but not terribly bright.
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