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The following characters are available for this murder mystery game. As in all of our murder mystery games, you can create your own characters for your party, but you will need to create murder mystery clues for those characters.


Murder Mystery Game Characters
murder mystery games   Amber Bookly
Personal Secretary

Recently hired, Ms Bookly is the precise and punctual secretary responsible for the Baron’s personal and professional affairs. She is a librarian with a wild side.
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murder mystery games   Amos

To avoid an ugly and costly lawsuit the Western Pacific Railroad faced for unnecessary violence against a freeloader, the Company has given Amos (no one knows his real name) a complimentary vacation package to their most popular destination.
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murder mystery games   Chastity Reynolds
The Socialite

Attractive and seductive are the words most often used to describe Chastity. Her provocative nature has opened the door to many opportunities and challenges in her life. She attends all the best social events and is widely known among the fashionable elite. Those who know her best say that she is a lush with a hot temper.
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murder mystery games   Jake Daniels

Jake travels town to town getting work where he can find it. Bartending during prohibition is an odd occupation indeed. Jake’s real income comes from accessory sources: moonshine bootlegging and booking wagers.
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murder mystery games   Johnny Fabulous
Hotel Musician

Comedian, dancer and piano player extraordinaire, Johnny is the consummate vaudville entertainer. Quick with a joke and known for his ability to turn any conversation into a song.
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murder mystery games   Josh Railburn
Son of Lawrence Railburn

A struggling artist with a flamboyant style, Josh is the only child of Lawrence and Sylvia Railburn. Josh has had few interactions with his family since a falling out during the previous year.
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murder mystery games   Lawrence Railburn, Sr
The Railroad Baron

He is the aggressive owner and operator of the Western Pacific Railroad. His overbearing, authoritarian style tends to alienate or attract all whom he encounters. With Lawrence, you either love him or hate him, or more often than not, love to hate him.
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murder mystery games   Lolita
Lady of the Night

Lolita spends most of her nights at the hotel bar. While she is not a member of the hotel, her hospitality services are highly regarded by the guests and staff alike.
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murder mystery games   Maria LaWenta
The Chambermaid

Loyal servant and maid of the Railburn manor. She often travels with the Baron and Baroness to make foreign accommodations more hospitable. A young South American beauty, she has worked for the Railburn’s since the Baron made her acquaintance during a business trip to her country ten years ago.
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murder mystery games   Phillip Duright
Hotel Manager

A proper host in all respects, except for a blaring deficiency in common sense. Philip’s absent-minded demeanor goes beyond common forgetfulness; his absolute disregard for the reality around him translates into a humorous, often ludicrous way of life. Many of his loyal patrons have known and appreciated this trait for many years during their free stays at his hotel.
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murder mystery games   Sally Major
The Sadistic Nurse

Sadistic Hotel nurse who’s remedy for all ailments is through torture or other infliction of pain.
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murder mystery games   Seymore Bucks
The Railsburn Accountant

Private accountant for Lawrence Railburn. Seymore is a human calculator and a shrewd businessman. After spending a career in public and private accounting, Seymore is preparing for an early retirement next year in the Bahamas.
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murder mystery games   Sylvia Railburn
The Baron's Wife

Sylvia is a sensitive, caring woman, who has always been attracted to the opposite. She married Lawrence Railburn leaving her family and abandoning her aspiring art career.
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