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The following characters are available for this murder mystery game. As in all of our murder mystery games, you can create your own characters for your party, but you will need to create murder mystery clues for those characters.


Murder Mystery Game Characters
murder mystery games   Ashleigh Davis
Melissa's stand in and MM's best friend

Ashleigh is the friend that has known both Melissa and MM the longest. They all met at an audition back when they were six, and she and both the twins became great friends. She says that she enjoyed being Melissa's stand-in in her recent movie, but doesn't like that she can't get any acting jobs herself. She likes MM's company much more than Melissa's as she believes that lately, Melissa is getting a little too fond of herself. In the twins' arguments, Ashleigh always takes MM's side.
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murder mystery games   Brittany Taylor
Melissa's back-up singer

Brittany is a talented singer with plenty of ambition. Her job as Melissa's back-up singer has let her meet many music producers and one day, Brittany wants to be the featured singer. She is determined to fulfill her ambitions because, after all, who would want to live their life in someone else's shadow?
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murder mystery games   Carrie Watson
Melissa's movie co-star

Carrie is a popular teen movie star - used to the good life and buying her designer clothes on Rodeo Drive. Last year she was one of Hollywood's biggest box office stars, but Melissa seems to be gaining on her. The big rumor in Hollywood was that Melissa was going to replace Carrie in her next movie. Carrie is furious that Melissa is enjoying such success in movies - she believes Melissa should have been content with her success in TV and in music.
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murder mystery games   Emily Reynolds
Melissa's personal assistant

Quiet and shy, Emily is the perfect personal assistant (and hopes one day, to be a poet). She says that she loves running around doing Melissa's errands and answering her mountains of fan mail. Emily is always organized and able to guess what Melissa wants even before Melissa does. Being this perfect personal assistant has had its advantages. Emily knows all of Melissa's secrets (she thinks) and plans, one day, to turn her diary of her days with Melissa into a best-selling book.
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murder mystery games   Kayla Phillips
Melissa's best friend

Kayla was Melissa's best friend. Although not in show business, Kayla is a popular student at her exclusive Beverly Hills high school and is used to mixing with celebrities as her father is a movie producer. She adores riding and spends as many hours as possible out at the stables grooming and riding her horse. Kayla says she wants to ride in the Olympics and therefore her schoolwork must come second. But if that's true, why has Kayla been talking to someone about going into show business? Kayla is counting on Melissa's help because best friends always help best friends, don't they? Don't they?
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murder mystery games   Mary Margaret (M.M.) Martin
Melissa's identical twin sister

M.M. started acting back with Melissa - they were a popular set of twins used on many TV shows. But, when she turned 12, MM decided she didn't want to act anymore and left the spotlight for Melissa. MM has kept herself busy with school and likes to stay home and play with her dog. Actually, her dog used to belong to Melissa, but suddenly a few years ago the dog became very attached to MM. She says that she is not jealous of her twin's success, but how could she not be? The real question is: Was her leaving show business really her decision? MM was the last person to see Melissa alive.
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murder mystery games   Melissa Martin
teen pop-star sensation and the victim

Melissa led a charmed life. She and her twin sister, Mary Margaret (M.M.) started acting when they were little more than babies. Melissa continued acting and 2 years ago started singing as well. Her first CD (which she wrote herself) was a huge hit and her second CD (which she also wrote) went platinum in only a few days and is rumored to get her a nomination for a major music award. She just finished working on her first movie and she said she was busy writing again as she was planning to go back into the studio next week to start recording her third cd.
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murder mystery games   Michelle Henderson
Carrie's personal assistant

Michelle has worked for Carrie for years. She's been on all of Carrie's movie sets and she's seen how hard Carrie has worked for her success. Michelle was not impressed with Melissa's behaviour on the set while she and Carrie were filming the movie. She agrees with Carrie that Melissa should have been content with her career on TV and her Cd's. Michelle is fiercely loyal to Carrie and would do anything to keep Carrie happy.
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murder mystery games   Pat Williams (Recommended as Host) (Can be played by a Male or Female)
Melissa's business manager

Pat has been Melissa's business manager ever since she signed her first contract and has been the guiding hand ever since. She is completely in control of Melissa's money and has always been trusted to do the right thing. Lately, however, Melissa seemed displeased and, apparently, was thinking of leaving and finding another manager. If this happened, Pat's situation could be disastrous. She just bought a new house on the Malibu beachfront. How could she afford her dream house if she doesn't have a job?
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