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The following characters are available for this murder mystery game. As in all of our murder mystery games, you can create your own characters for your party, but you will need to create murder mystery clues for those characters.


Murder Mystery Game Characters
murder mystery games   Brittany Ball
Sports enthusiast

Brittany likes to try to be one of the guys and try any sport. She's earned the nickname 'Base.'
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murder mystery games   Charity Robson (Recommended as Host)
Academy administrator

The woman in charge of administration at the Academy. She's one tough cookie who, despite her name, isn't terribly nice. Her role is to oversee the kids and prod them to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible, because the Diamonds won't like it and she has enough problems.
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murder mystery games   Claire Knowles
Forgetful and flightly musician

Claire's a talented musician who can be a little bit flighty and flaky.
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murder mystery games   Jewell Diamond
daughter of the Academy owners

Gifted fashion designer from a wealthy family. Her parents founded the Diamond Academy and are very giving to charity. However, she's very self absorbed. If people in the room aren't paying attention to her, she'll do what it takes so that all eyes are on Jewell.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Officer Jack Soul (Recommended as Host) (Can be played by a Male or Female)
Police officer

Police officer called to the scene after the theft. A role for an additional helpful adult assistant to take on but not designed to actively participate other than to actively encourage the girls to ask questions of one another and to keep things organized.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Penny Crowne
Quiet, thoughtful journalist

Penny's an expert writer with an inquisitive mind.
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murder mystery games   Raven Knight
The artist with a strong vision

Raven's a tempermental artist.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Stella Riley
Avid Equestrian

Stella is a talented horseback rider who loves the outdoors. She is brash and bold.
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