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The following characters are available for this murder mystery game. As in all of our murder mystery games, you can create your own characters for your party, but you will need to create murder mystery clues for those characters.


Murder Mystery Game Characters
murder mystery games   Danny
The paranoid husband

Roxanne's husband and Ricki's across-the-street neighbor. This guy struggles with paranoia. He'll be your best friend until you look at him the wrong way. He's suspicious of almost everyone and his favorite phrase is, "What's that supposed to mean?"
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murder mystery games   Derek
The dumb man's man

Muffy's husband. He thinks he's a real man's man -- tough, confident, and athletic. That was real attractive to Muffy 20 years ago, but now all she wants is for the lazy bum to get a job. Derek spends a lot of time hearing himself talk, and not much else. But he isn't as dumb as he looks: he knows his wife is up to something.
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murder mystery games   Gayle
The gossip

She's decidedly nosy. Her business is whatever she wants her business to be. She asks a lot of nervy questions. When she does get a good scoop, she tells the world. If there's nothing new to report, she makes something up.
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murder mystery games   Hunter
The spooky guy

All the neighborhood kids think this guy's house is haunted, and with good reason. The man is downright spooky. He speaks in riddles and communicates in whispers. He enjoys the fear he has evoked among the kids (and frankly, some of the adults as well) and plays that image up.
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murder mystery games   Jo (Can be played by a Male or Female)
The bratty teenager

Muffy and Derek's only child. He or she is concerned with being cool. Jo is embarrassed of everyone at the party, completely disrespectful and insulting. He or she speaks with short answers and has already caused mischief with his or her neighbors in the past.
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murder mystery games   Matilda
The old maid

This crotchety old woman owns a lot of cats. How many? No one knows for sure, but there's one perched in practically ever window of her house. She has almost no human contact, living alone with her four-legged friends. Because of her lonliness, when she does see humans, she's prone to long fits of talking about nothing. Clingy? That's not the half of it. You'd better watch out or she'll follow you home.
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murder mystery games   Max (Can be played by a Male or Female)
The upstanding citizen

Max is the town tattle tale. You know the kind. If you start construction without getting a permit, Max will call the building inspector. If your dog barks a little too loud or the music is a little too high, Max will call the cops. This weasle-of-an-individual will never admit to his tattling ways, but the incessant whining and complaining about everything would tip anyone off. And because Max is retired, he's got plenty of time to be on the look-out for wrongdoing.
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murder mystery games   Muffy
Miss Perfect

Muffy has never played tennis in her life, but that doesn't stop her from wearing the skirts around town. She's on the verge of a major family crisis, but if anyone asks, everything is perfect. You see, it doesn't matter what really happens in life, it's all about appearance. Muffy is pleasant enough, but loves to brag. Every time she tells a story about herself, the tales get grander and grander.
Murder Mystery  
murder mystery games   Pat (Recommended as Host) (Can be played by a Male or Female)
The conspiracy theorist

Nobody really knows what Pat does for a job. Sometimes Pat leaves for work, other times he or she doesn't. Pat tells people his or her job must be kept a secret, but rumor has it that this person's job is anything but mysterious. Pat is obsessed with secret government operations. He or she is always on the lookout for spies or the next big government scandal. So imagine Pat's excitement when a real live murder happens in town.
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murder mystery games   Peter
The happy guy

Peter is so happy it's disgusting. He manages to turn every situation into a positive one. He laughs a lot and always tries to lighten the mood with a cheesy joke. Some people find his attitude refreshing, others would like to put him in a box and mail him to another part of the world.
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murder mystery games   Ricki Mortis
The victim.

The victim. He was just a regular guy living out the American Dream. He had a good job as a sales person, never lacked for dates, and recently bought a house. The craziest thing he's ever done was invite his neighbors over for a hamburger. Unfortunately, that would cost him his life.
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murder mystery games   Roxanne
The queen of tacky

Roxanne and her husband occupy the house across the street. Roxanne defines the word tacky, and she is as shallow as she is eccentric. When conversation turns deep, she will immediately become confused. But at least she's nice, unlike her husband.
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murder mystery games   The neighbor formerly known as Dee
The drama queen

If the whole world's the stage, Dee is the main character. Dee exaggerates every movement and word. She uses her hands when she talks and likes to recite lines from movies and songs, even when it is not appropriate. In honor of her favorite musician, Dee has decided to use a symbol to replace her name.
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