Play Murder Mystery

To play one of our murder mysteries requires no special acting abilities, just a willingness to have fun. Our site gives you all the details you need to prepare for the party including character descriptions of all guests, internal information about your character (do not reveal this to others), and costume/prop recommendations.

During the party, each you will be given clues. The clues provide all the information required to unlock the mystery. Each clue is designated as a clue to be concealed or a clue to be revealed. Conceal clues are generally information about your own character that you try to hide (without lying) from the others. Reveal clues are clues that you should share with others in casual conversation.

The mystery game is designed so that you and the others who are playing will mingle around asking questions about each others character and clues you have received. As the game progresses you will gather more and more information and at the end of the allotted time you will need to sift through what you think is fact and fiction to make your choice on who you think is the true murderer. The characters can be played to suit the comfort zone of each player. If you like the spotlight or enjoy role playing, immerse yourself in your character’s persona and live the night as you think they would. You may even decide to exaggerate your character’s personality for even more effect. On the other hand, if you prefer to participate in a less theatrical capacity, you may want to sit on the couch and let people come to you, approach each character off to the side or just listen in on other conversations until you get your feet wet and are feeling a bit more comfortable. There are only a few simple rules to follow when playing our games.

  1. Stay in Character. (Costumes are highly recommended)
  2. Hide/Stretch the truth, but don't lie!
  3. Interrogate others.

Each game takes approximately 1-1/2 to 3 hrs, depending on the number of people playing. Our large group mystery games are played slight different.