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All Mysteries

A full list of all murder mystery games. Go here, if you are not sure which game is right for your party. This includes murder games for: holiday parties, corporate parties, team building events, adult dinner parties, teen parties, children's parties and more.

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Personal Party

These games are clue-based murder mysteries where all players are suspects and everyone tries to solve the crime. The mystery is divided into rounds. During each round the guests receive clues that will unfold the mystery. You will want to try to match the number of guests with the number of characters. These games are generally designed for small gatherings and are often played in a dinner party setting.


Host a murder mystery party for your teenager, or let them host it themselves. This selection of Mystery Parties are designed for teen sleuths. These games are great for Birthday Parties, Family Get-Togethers or Graduations.

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Mystery Parties (usually murder free) designed specifically for kid's events. These mystery kits allow you to customize the party to suit your child's unique interests. Most parties run a few hours and can be played during a day party or sleep over. Ideal for birthday parties, special events or just an excuse to have some fun.

Mystery (No Murder)

Mystery party without a murder.

Large Group

The large group murder games are designed for parties with 15 or more guests. These games are ideal for corporate events or large personal parties. You'll need to provide 6-8 people willing to take part in the mystery as the primary suspects, victim(s), detective and killer. They'll have full knowledge of the script, which means they'll know whodunit. The rest of your guests will take on the role of detective and it will be their job to solve the case. Essentially, everyone will have a crucial part in the mystery.

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Custom Mysteries

Let design a custom murder mystery game to meet your specific requirements. Our team of authors will create a fun and interesting murder mystery game around a basic theme and character details that you provide. Great for corporate events, team building functions, large family gatherings, fund raisers and dinner theater groups.

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